Warrior Cats: The Original Series

In the first part of the series, there was a kittypet named Rusty. Rusty was not very content with his well fed, comfortable life. He had a dream of him chasing a mouse, but when he grabbed the mouse he heard a noise coming from the depths of the forest. He tried to follow the sound, but he got woken up by the sound of cat pellets being poured into his food bowl. His collar had been uncomfortable on his neck, making him all the more determined to live in the forest. That morning, he ate, and he pushed his way out the cat flap. He was going to have a look around the forest. Right then, he was interrupted by his kittypet friend Smudge, who warned him that the wild cats in the woods were dangerous and that he would be ripped to pieces. Rusty went in despite the warning. Rusty then fought Graypaw and instead of fleeing he fights back. Bluestar and Lionheart were watching as the two young cats fought and Bluestar is impressed and offers Rusty a chance to join ThunderClan as an apprentice. The next day, Rusty meets Longtail. Longtail teases him and they get into a fight. In the fight, Rusty's collar is torn off. Rusty gives an ear shred to Longtail's right ear.

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