"Perhaps that’s the best way to recover, to return to the way things were before as quickly as we can. We won the Great Battle, so nothing needs to change."

—Cinderheart after a Gathering with no mention of the Great Battle in Dovewing's Silence, Chapter 7


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Previous Name(s)
Cinderkit, Cinderpaw

Cinderheart is a is a dappled,[1] soft-furred,[2] fluffy[3] smoky[4]-gray tabby she-cat[5] with dark[6] blue eyes,[7] and a long,[2] bushy tail.[8]


Cinderkit was born the same time Cinderpelt died, with Molekit, Honeykit, and Poppykit. Her parents are Sorreltail and Brackenfur. This is strange, as Brackenfur was Cinderpelt's brother.

She is the second Cinderpelt, as Cinderpelt died her spirit went into the little newborn Cinderkit. Her spirit resided in Cinderheart's body, reliving life as a warrior. When Cinderheart finds this out, she remembers all of Cinderpelt's memories.


Cinderpaw is Cloudtail's apprentice, and also Hollypaw's best friend. Cinderpaw and Hollypaw fight during training. Cinderpaw flicks her paw while grooming herself, just as Cinderpelt used to do. Cinderpaw wants to help get Graystripe and Millie settled, and crashes into Brackenfur while running. Brackenfur tells her how she reminds him of Cinderpelt.

Cinderpaw delivers catmint to camp. When Hollypaw and Cinderpaw sneak out of camp to follow Lionpaw, Cinderpaw remarks on he might be making a mistake that has been made before. Cinderpaw runs up a tree to save Mousepaw, but falls and hurts her leg.

Jaypaw walks in her dreams and sees her dreaming of being Cinderpelt. Cinderpelt tells Jaypaw to tell Leafpool she will recover this time. Cinderpaw wants Hollypaw and Jaypaw to play with her. Leafpool tells Jaypaw not to tell her that she's Cinderpelt.

Cinderpaw is angered when she is training again and Cloudtail fusses. She is seen doing a complex battle move with Cloudtail. Cinderpaw, during her assesment, damages her leg again and is upset she has to wait while Honeyfern and Poppyfrost become warriors. When WindClan attacks, she fights bravely. She recieves her warrior name along with Lionpaw and Hollypaw: Cinderheart, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf.


Cinderheart is really upset when Honeyfern dies. She was her best friend. Cinderheart becomes mentor to Ivypaw after Hollyleaf disapears. Cinderheart scolds Rainstorm when he attacks Ivypaw. Cinderheart hangs out with Lionblaze at the gathering. Cinderheart expresses concern for Poppyfrost, who is now a queen, and is sad about Hollyleaf.

Cinderheart is later seen training Ivypaw and Dovepaw, teaching them to jump from tree to tree. She says Longtail swore once in the old forest he made it from the Great Sycamore to camp without touching the ground. Cinderheart describes the distance well, considering she had never been there. Cinderheart and Lionblaze later walk together in the middle of the night. They race to the lake. She goes out with him another night. Cinderheart takes Dovepaw and Ivypaw training. Cinderheart and Lionblaze now seem to be more than friends.

When Lionblaze returns to camp after fighting the fox, she freaks out because of the blood on his pelt, thinking it was his own. Lionblaze tells her about the prophecy and how he can't be hurt in battle, and she says that she can't be his mate if he's part of a prophecy, and leaves. 

Sunrises later, she, Lionblaze, Dovepaw and Leafpool go hunting. After they get back, Cinderheart remembers Lionblaze and Breezepelt fighitng over a thrush and says that Lionblaze could have killed him. Lionblaze tells her to stop treating him like a two-headed fox, and she reveals she can't handle him having this kind of power. Later, Cinderheart gives Ivypaw her final assessment, and she becomes Ivypool, and Dovepaw becomes Dovewing.

Cinderheart and Lionblaze later go into the trees on a walk, and Cinderheart acts strange. She is sad she never had a mate or kits. Lionblaze says she still can, and she furiously turns on him, yelling he doesn't understand, and flees into the trees. This is likely Cinderpelt speaking through her. Later out in the forest they get attacked by a dog, and Lionblaze saves her. Cinderheart is the first one to see Hollyleaf when she enters camp, and is very excited.

Yellowfang tells Jayfeather to go into her dream and tell her that she's Cinderpelt. Jayfeather does so, and Cinderheart is shocked and confused, being left with the pains and knowledge of the medicine cat.

Cinderheart is distracted on her next patrol, and when they come back, Mousewhisker and Cherrypaw accidentally poisoned themselves. Cinderheart tells Leafpool and Jayfeather what to do. Her past life then becomes known to ThunderClan. She is then confused if she is a Medicine Cat or a Warrior. Cinderheart asks Jayfeather what to do, and he tells her that she was reborn to have all the things Cinderpelt didn't have. She joins in the battle with WindClan.

Right before the battle with the Dark Forest, Cinderheart and Lionblaze take a walk, and Cinderheart chooses the life of a warrior. At this, Cinderpelt's spirit is set free, and goes to StarClan. Cinderheart is upset when Hollyleaf dies, and fights as hard as possible. She is happy to see Hollyleaf go to StarClan.


After that, she was expecting Lionblaze's kits. When Lionblaze goes to the battle with ShadowClan, she wants to come, but Jayfeather tells her that she needs to stay with her kits. She finally says okay. But when Lionblaze comes back, she is so worried about Lionblaze because he was in so much pain.

Cinderheart did become a queen after the battle. It was revealed by Kate Cary that she did indeed give birth to Lionblaze's kits. They were named Sorrelkit, Hollykit and Fernkit, after cats that had died in the Great Battle.


  • When Cinderheart goes to StarClan, she will either go as Cinderheart, or as two separate cats, Cinderheart and Cinderpelt.[9]
    • This is later proved true in The Last Hope, when Cinderpelt's spirit separates from Cinderheart.[10]
  • Kate has stated that Cinderheart does have kits with Lionblaze after the events of The Last Hope, and they are enjoying "their child-free days of early married life."[11]
  • Kate Cary revealed on her Twitter that Cinderpelt was given a second chance by being re-born as Cinderheart, but Cinderheart developed her own destiny, so Cinderpelt let her go.[12]
  • She was said to have become an apprentice with her brothers,[13] when she has only one brother.[14]
  • Kate Cary revealed on her blog that reincarnating Cinderheart was Vicky's idea, and how fully connected Cinderpelt and Cinderheart became blurred as the story planning progressed.[15]
  • Kate has said that the Erins left Cinderpelt's reincarnation of Cinderheart blurry on purpose to let readers use their own imaginations to "fill in the gaps".[16]


Mate: Lionblaze

Daughters: Hollytuft and Sorrelstripe

Son: Fernsong

Mother: Sorreltail

Father: Brackenfur

Brother: Molepaw

Sisters: Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, Lilyheart and Seedpaw

Nephews: Molewhisker and Larksong

Nieces: Cherryfall, Leafshade and Honeyfur

Grandfathers: Whitestorm and Lionheart

Grandmothers: Willowpelt and Frostfur

Great-Grandfathers: Thistleclaw, Fuzzypelt and Adderfang

Great-Grandmothers: Snowfur, Robinwing, Swiftbreeze and Speckletail

Great-Great-Grandfathers: Stormtail and Windflight

Great-Great-Grandmothers: Moonflower and Poppydawn

Uncles: Thornclaw, Rainwhisker and Sootfur

Aunts: Cinderpelt and Brightheart

Great Uncles: Unnamed kits, Ravenpaw, Dustpelt, Patchpelt and Redtail

Great Aunts: Brindleface, Leopardfoot, Spottedleaf, Goldenflower

Great Half-Aunt: Mistlekit

Great Half-Uncle: Snowkit

Great-Great-Aunts: Bluestar, Rosetail and Sweetpaw

Cousins: Whitewing, Ambermoon, Dewnose, Snowbush, Dovewing, Ivypool, Stonefur, Mosskit, Mistystar, Reedwhisker, Perchkit, Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, Ashfur, Ferncloud, Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Foxleap, Birchfall, Hollykit, Larchkit, Icecloud, Toadstep, Rosepetal, Hawkfrost, Mothwing, Tadpole, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Swiftpaw, an unnamed kit, Alderheart, Sparkpelt, Dandelionkit, Juniperkit, Dawnpelt, Tigerstar, Flametail, Strikestone, Sleekwhisker and Juniperclaw

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