"You should tread the path you're following with care, Mapleshade. A destiny shouldn't be played with like prey."

—Goosefeather speaking to Mapleshade in Crookedstar's Promise, page 236

Featherwhisker and Goosefeather

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Goosekit, Goosepaw

Goosefeather is a speckled gray tom[1] with clumped, untidy,[2] ragged,[3] shaggy,[4] thick[5] fur, frazzled,[6] chewed whiskers,[4] ragged ears, shaggy paws[6] with hooked claws,[7] a matted tail,[8] yellow teeth,[8] and pale blue eyes.[1]


He is listening to a story about TigerClan. His mother calls him to get outside of the elders den. When he goes out a moss ball hits him on the head. His sister Moonkit comes and asks him if he is okay. He replies that he is fine. When Moonkit goes to play with Poppykit and Heronkit his mother, Daisytoe tells him to join them and that he won't get hurt. Goosekit says if its safe why Rabbitkit is in the medicine cat's den. Daisytoe tells him that Rabbitkit got a thorn stuck in his nose. Larksong appears and tells Daisytoe that there was a lot of prey. Rooktail comes and gives a squirrel to Daisytoe. Stormpaw sees Goosekit and gasps, asking him if it is really him or it's just a lump of moss shaped like him, and tells Rooktail that his son hasn't melted in the sun. Rooktail tells his apprentice to go and see if the elders need to be fed. Moonkit goes towards him and tells him to watch her. She crouches down and springs foward. Stormpaw says that he really did scare him and asks her if she wants to help him with the elders and he will teach her battle moves. Moonkit says yes but Rooktail says that Stormpaw is the apprentice and not Moonkit and that he should not let kits do the apprentice work. Moonkit protests saying that she wants to help and also says that she hopes her will be her mentor. Goosekit says when she becomes an apprentice Stormpaw will be a new warrior. Moonkit says that he will be the best warrior in ThunderClan, even better than Doestar. Stormpaw tells her to come with him and feed the elders. Goosekit watches his littermate picking up a blackbird from the fresh-kill pile. Harepounce and Adderpaw are seen depositing prey on the pile. Adderpaw twitches his tail towards Goosekit and tells him to try a mouse he caught himself. Goosekit sniffs the brown-furred, still warm body and winces. Adderpaw asks him if he wants it. Goosekit grips on of the mouse's front legs and starts to heave it. Nettlebreeze comes and shoves Goosekit aside. Adderpaw tells the elder to watch out and that there is plenty of prey on the pile. The elders asks him if he said something. The elders twitches his ears and a lump of something yucky falls on Goosekit's head. The kit tells him to get off him and that the mouse is his. Nettlebreeze asks him if he knows the Warrior Code and also says that kits and elders should eat first. When Goosekit says that he is a kit the elder tells him that her should learn to respect his elders and to leave him in peace. Goosekit backs away, his fur fluffed. He knows better than to pick a quarrel with the oldest cat in all the Clans. He suspected that the elder was alive then the four great oaks were nothing more than acorns. Goosekit heads towards the nursery, avoiding Heronkit and Poppykit who were wrestling over a stick. When Goosekit was about to push into the nursery his mother, Daisytoe stops him and tells him to stay outside with her and thats its too nice to stay inside and asks if he wants to play with his denmates. Goosekit replies saying that he would rather stay with her and also says that there are way too many cats. Daisytoe tells him that they are his Clanmates and that they will always look after him. Goosekit replies saying that Stormpaw won't and says that he is going to kill him. Daisytoe tells him not to talk like that. Goosekit pictures something in his mind and says that there will be a bader and Stormpaw will leave him to fight it on his own. Daisytoe scolds him saying that her lets his imagination run away with him and he still hasn't even seen a badger. Goosekit says that he knows how they look like, they are big, with a long pointy face, they are black and white like magpies, but striped like TigerClan and they are angry and eat kits. Daisytoe warps her tail around him and tells him that he will have time to train and become a big, strong warrior. And he will fight off badgers on his own and also tells him to stop listening to the elders' stories because they are putting mouse-brained ideas in his head. Goosekit nestles closer to his mother's belly and in his head he sees a huge black-and-white creature looming over him with yellow teeth bared, drool hanging from its jaws. The kit says that if he sees one he will be very scared and says that he doesn't like badgers and adds that Stormpaw is the meanest cat in ThunderClan.

Later Goosekit is seen crouching in fern, not daring to breath. He hears paw steps coming closer and a voice growls that he knows he is there. Goosekit tenses, ready to push himself deeper into the ferns, but a dark red shape appears in front of him with a yowl of triumph and declares that she found him, and tells him that he found a great hidding place and that Cloudberry's herbs hid his scent. Goosekit follows Poppykit out of the ferns, shaking shreds of greenery from his fur. Behind them a voice rasps asks are they playing hide-and-seek again near her den again and adds that she already told them not to flatten the ferns and that they keep out drafts. Poppykit says that she bets Cloudberry is such a grump and bets she never played when she was a kit. Goosekit nods and replies that playing probably wasn't allowed back then. Heronkit calls out from the half-tree outside the apprentices' den that Poppykit found Goosekit. All the apprentices were out on patrol, and it was too cloudy for the elders to back outside, so the kits had the clearing to themselves. Moonkit jumps down from the tree stump and calls out that its Goosekit turn to go and look for them and she also adds that he should not peek. Goosekit stays at the base of the half-three, facing the rough brown bark and closes his eyes. When he opened his eyes again he looks around and sees that the clearing is empty, apart from Fallowsong. She tells him that the other kits were determined to find good places to hide and she wishes him good luck. Goosekit runs to the nursery first. He feels that his legs are strong and thinks how he will become an apprentices after two moons and can't wait to learn how to hunt and fight and becomes a great warrior like his father, Rooktail, but he didn't wanted to learn from Stormpaw like his sister, Moonkit. He wanted to learn from ThunderClan's best warriors; like Rooktail or even Doestar. He slips quietly into the nursery and looks around. He pokes his muzzle into a heap of bedding. There wasn't a sign of his denmates. He whirls around and heads back into the clearing. His ears catch a faint sound from behind the Highrock, just past the entrance to Doestar's den. Goosekit starts at the spot and opens his jaws to taste the air. The breeze carries a faint, familar scent to him. He marches foward and pushes aside a prickly tedril that curled around the base of the rock. Rabbitkit and Poppykit blink at him and Rabbitkit says that he found them quickly and they thought he will never find them. Goosekit replies that he heard them moving. Poppykit says that Rabbitkit was the one who moved and Rabbitkit replies that he sat on a nettle. Goosekit twitches his tail and tells them to wait by the half-tree while he searches for the others. He goes outside of Doestar's den and gazes around the clearing, looking for branches that were moving too fast for the breeze, or flashes of pale fur between the leaves. Poppykit and Rabbitkit had stomped over to the half-tree and were lying beside it. A low voice catches Goosekit's attention. A black-and-white tom asks him if he is looking for the other kits and Goosekit nods, the tom tells him that the dark brown tom hid behind the elders' den and that he saw the other one go into the ferns. Goosekit's fur spikes, if Cloudberry catches Moonkit beside her den they would be in big trouble. The kit thanks the tom and goes to find Heronkit. Goosekit sqeezes behind the elders' den and almost falls over Heronkit. The brown kit tells him to watch out and Goosekit apologizes and also tells him to go to the half-tree while he searches for Moonkit. He turns around and goes back to the clearing. He sees the tip of some ferns waving behind the rock that sheltered the medicine cat's den. Goosekit hopes to find his sister before Cloudberry. He runs over to the tunnel that led into the dense ferns and sticks his head between the pale green stalks. He meows, but there is no reply. The kit sighs and pushes his way in. The scent of herbs are too overwhelming for him to pick her scent, but he spots two tiny paw print in a damp patch of earth. He follows the trailer and spots pale gray fur glowing among the greenery. He calls softy to her that he sees her and she hisses in respond. Goosekit urgers her and turns away and begins to push trough the ferns, a stir movement close by surggests that Cloudberry has poked her heard out of her den. The old she-cat asks if its Swiftpaw. Goosekit ducks his head and nudges Moonkit past the last clump of stalks and into the clearing. Moonkit wails that she can't believe that he found her so quickly. Heronkit meows saying that he can't belive how Goosekit found all of them so quickly and bets that he cheated. Goosekit says he didn't, but Poppykit insits that he cheated and that he didn't look anywhere else except where they were hiding. Goosekit tells her that he already told her that he heard Rabbitkit move, but Poppykit doesn't believe him, neither does Heronkit, the brown tom turns away and suggests to play other game without Goosekit. Moonkit shoots him an apologetic look and whispers that it didn't seemed like he cheated. Goosekit flatters his ears and says that he doesn't want to play anymore and stops away towards the nursery. Goosekit sits down in the shadows beside his den and watches the long-legged, powerful-looking warriors spill into the clearing. Cloudberry puffs her way out of the ferns to meet them. The medicine cat asks Windflight, if everything is well on the borders and Windflight nods says that the Twolegplace is quite as well as Fourtress at new moon and also says that the cats they chased off two sunrises ago haven't dared to show their noses again, he lifts his head and asks is Swiftpaw back and that he wants to take her out for some battle training with Harepounce and Adderpaw. Flashnose, Swiftpaw's mother is worried about her daughter and asks Windflight if he has seen Swiftpaw and the tom answers that he hasn't seen the apprentice. After this Daisytoe tells the kits to come back to the nursery and tells them to stay there. Moonkit protests saying that they can also look for Swiftpaw, but Daisytoe doesn't allow them and says that it's already bad enough. Goosekit listens to the warriors thundering though the gorse. Rabbitkit grumbls that they could've totaly helped and that he is as big as an apprentice and Heronkit says that it would be just like hide-and-seek and Rabbitkit adds that they won't cheat and glares at Goosekit. The speckled tom isn't in the mood to defend himself again. When the other kits started playing a game of spot the ant he slips though the brambles. He sees that the clearing is deserted except for Cloudberry who was dozing near the entrance and tucked below the Highrock, the black-and-white tom who helped Goosekit earlier. The kit trots over to him and asks if he is an apprentice and the tom stops licking his chest and looks up and says that he indeed is an apprentice. Goosekit asks why he isn't looking for Swiftpaw and then asks if he can go and find her. The apprentice looks unsure and says that he doesn't think he can go by himself. A long-tailed warrior with brown striped fur pads over to them and calls to the apprentice and says that an apprentice has gone missing. The warrior stops and fixes his amber eyes at Goosekit and asks which one. Goosekit says that Swiftpaw is tabby-and-white fur with yellow eyes and then asks if he has seen her. The warrior asks if she is quite small and carries herbs and Goosekit says that that's her. The warrior turns to walk away and says that he has seen her and tells him that she is just below Sunningrocks, in the reeds. Goosekit calls after him, but the sun was in his eyes and doesn't see where the warrior went. A patrol returns and wakes Cloudberry up. Goosekit runs over to the warriors and blurts out that he knows where Swiftpaw is. Several heads turn towards him and he says that she is in the reeds by Sunningrocks. Larkwing pricks her ears and Hollypelt looks skeptical and says that he never went out of the camp and asks him how he knew about the reeds by Sunningrocks. Goosekit replies that a warrior told him that he saw Swiftpaw there and Larkwing asks which warrior and looks around. The kit says that he doesn't know. Harepounce says that he is lying and the gray kit says that he isn't lying and digs his claws into the earth in frustration. Larkwing looks closely at him and points out that they need to check the whole territory and suggest to start with Sunningrocks and asks if Mumblefoot and Hollypelt want to join her. Hollypelt says that she won't join and that Doestar and Pineheart will be back soon and will wait for them to organize the patrols, but Mumblefoot says that he will join Larkwing and glances at Goosekit and says that it will be a funny thing for a kit to make up. Larkwing nods and they both leave the camp. More cats emerge into the clearing before the thorns stopped quivering. The patrol was led by Doestar and Pineheart. The ThunderClan leader's face darkens as she heard about Swiftpaw. Hollypelt told her about the cats who had already gone on search. Doestar turns to her deputy and says that it sounds as if Snakerocks and the Thunderpath boundary have been covered and tells him that she wants him to take a patrol to the treecutplace and along the border with Twolegplace.

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