"Fight loyally, and with courage. That is all your Clan asks of you."

— Ivypool to Applefur in The Last Hope, page 291

Ivypool guide

Highest Rank
Bristlekit, Thriftkit, Flipkit
Previous Name(s)
Ivypaw, Ivykit

Ivypool is a soft-furred,[1] pale,[2] silver[3]-and-white tabby she-cat,[4] with white paws,[5] a white belly[6] and face,[7] a silver tail,[8] sliced ears,[9] and dark blue eyes.[3]


Ivykit is born in the middle of leaf-bare, sister to Dovekit, to Whitewing and Birchfall in ThunderClan. She is not seen much as a kit. But she was seen when she was first born, with her sister Dovekit.


Ivypaw is given Cinderheart as a mentor, and wants to do everything with Dovepaw.

They go on a water patrol to the lake, and Rainstorm of RiverClan sees her looking at a dead fish. He tries to attack her, but falls into a mud puddle and they escort him to ThunderClan.

Ivypaw slowly becomes jealous of Dovepaw, and avoids talking to her. Dovepaw leaves on the special patrol, Ivypaw becomes short-tempered. When Dovepaw returns, Dovepaw tells her she missed her the whole time. They walk down to the lake, and Dovepaw steps on the remains of Jayfeather's stick.

Time passes, and she and Dovepaw go on a patrol to the lake, and Brambleclaw scolds them for playing like kits. Ivypaw steps on a half of Jayfeather's stick, and gets a splinter on her paw.

Dovepaw convinces her to go with her to WindClan to check on Sedgekit, and Ivypaw slowly agrees. They get caught, and Firestar tells them that he will put their punishment in their mentors' paws. Then he asks to speak privately with Dovepaw, making Ivypaw angry.

She notices Dovepaw gets different treatment than her, and becomes jealous.

In one dream, she is in a meadow. A brown cat appears and teaches her hunting techniques. He says he will visit her in dreams, and tells her that his name is Hawkfrost.

Ivypaw wakes up and is paired with Blossompaw for her assesment. Using Hawkfrost's techniques, she catches more than Blossompaw, who is angry.

They return to camp, Ivypaw once again sees Dovepaw getting more special treatment.

She curls up in her nest, hoping Hawkfrost can teach her some more so she can be better than Dovepaw.

Ivypaw acts happier the next few days. One day when she reaches camp, she overhears Dovepaw arguing with Lionblaze, and asks her why she should have known about ShadowClan crossing borders.

Dovepaw dodges the question, and Ivypaw becomes furious and refuses to talk to her sister. She takes part in a mock battle while training, and uses a Hawkfrost-move succesfully. She has a dream where she's training with Hawkfrost.

Tigerstar appears and tells her ShadowClan is planning on attacking ThunderClan, and they must attack ShadowClan to get a useless stretch of land to keep them from invading. She tells Firestar, Brambleclaw and Graystripe, making this in a form of a StarClan-sent dream.

She fights Ratscar with Blossomfall, and then helps Dovepaw beat Starlingpaw.

Ivypaw and Tigerheart both notice each other's battle moves and sly away from each other. Jayfeather goes into one of Ivypaw's dreams, seeing her training in the Dark Forest. Dovepaw overhears Jayfeather and Lionblaze talking about this.

She and Ivypaw go hunting and she asks her if she has. Ivypaw confesses. Dovepaw, horrified, argues with her about it. Ivypaw storms away. Ivypaw had a brutal training session.

Dovepaw wakes her. Ivypaw is angry when Dovepaw again tries to stop her from going to the Place of No Stars, but Ivypaw refuses to listen.

One night Ivypaw wakes, and Whitewing is terrified to find blood in her nest. Ivypaw and Dovepaw hunt.

Ivypaw tells her that she knows Dovepaw is secretly meeting Tigerheart, and Dovepaw storms off. Ivypaw follows Dovepaw when she meets Tigerheart. Dovepaw hides before a ShadowClan patrol comes, and they take Ivypaw prisoner.

Ivypaw is rescued, she had to spend the day hunting. She goes into a dream and eavesdrops on Tigerstar, and realizes he will attack the Clans.

She wakes up and goes with the three, who convince her to spy for them. Ivypaw learns of the three's powers. In the Dark Forest, Tigerstar tells the other cats training that the battle is close.

Brokenstar takes her away and tries to get her to kill Flametail, who wandered from StarClan. Knowing she has to prove her loyalty to remain a spy, she is about to kill him before Tigerheart stops her. Tigerstar tells Brokenstar that he believes Ivypaw to be loyal. Ivypaw catches several mice in her final assesment.


After her assessment, Ivypaw and Dovepaw become Ivypool and Dovewing. Dovewing fears for Ivypool's safety when she goes to the Dark Forest.

That night, Ivypool trains with Antpelt and Thistleclaw. Antpelt acts kind to her, but Thistleclaw attacks him. Ivypool gets him to wake up, and she battles Thistleclaw. She beats him, and Mapleshade tells her that she is loyal.

Ivypool asks when the battle will be, and Mapleshade says she doesn't know. Tigerheart avoids her in her dreams. Blossomfall appears in the Dark Forest, Ivypool keeps her from being fatally wounded.

Ivypool and Blossomfall, in the waking world, explore the tunnels and get lost. A tom tells them the way out, but they are even more lost. A dark cat then shows them the way out. When they arrive at camp, they are snapped at. Ivypool lies to Lionblaze about other ThunderClan cats in the Dark Forest.

Ivypool uses some fighting moves she learned to beat the other training patrol. Dovewing returns from the mountains, they both have trouble sleeping. In the Dark Forest, Ivypool asks to be a full warrior.

Hawkfrost tells her that she must kill Antpelt. Ivypool succeds, fading him into nothingness. She wakes up and tells Dovewing. She and Dovewing later go into the tunnels. They see WindClan and Sol plotting to attack, and Hollyleaf leads them out.

She later tries to go back, but Lionblaze catches her. She is on a border patrol. A ShadowClan patrol arrives. Dawnpelt acts hostile, but Redwillow excuses them.

Hollyleaf thinks that Ivypool and Redwillow are mates and acts worried. Ivypool is training Redwillow and Birchfall in the Dark Forest and slys away at the sight of blood, remembering Antpelt. Hawkfrost tells her that is weakness.

He tells the "apprentices" to go home while they have a meeting. Ivypool sneaks around and finds them planning to attack the clans. She is about to see their plans when she is prodded awake by Dovewing.

In the waking world, Birchfall says they are meeting some WindClan recruits by the border. Ivypool tells Foxleap she heard some WindClan cats, and then goes to find the recruits. Foxleap's patrol arrives, she is thankful Foxleap doesn't mention she was the one who tipped him off.

Ivypool and Dovewing train Molepaw and Cherrypaw while their mentors are away, and Ivypool and Lionblaze exchange glances when Blossomfall and Thornclaw mutter about the Dark Forest. Dovewing tells Ivypool about there being a fourth, Ivypool refuses to say she was the fourth. Firestar reveals the Dark Forest's plans, she reveals to the Clan she is a spy and teaches them how to defeat them.

The three pursuade her to tell them that Birchfall, Blossomfall and Mousewhisker were training in the Dark Forest. She finds out the battle is coming, she tries to contact them in her dreams. During the battle, she finds them under a bush and convinces them to fight for the clans.

They reach WindClan, Ivypool, Birchfall, Blossomfall, Mousewhisker and Applefur fight for the clans, while Breezepelt fights for the Place of No Stars. Ivypool is nearly killed by Thistleclaw and Snowtuft, but Hollyleaf saves her, yet Hollyleaf is mortally wounded by Hawkfrost.

Ivypool drags Hollyleaf to camp, and is devastated when she dies. Hawkfrost appears, Ivypool fights him, furious. Hawkfrost is about to kill her when Brambleclaw fades him into nothingness. When Firestar dies, she is seen yowling for Bramblestar.


  • The topic of whether or not Ivypool would get a mate after The Last Hope has been addressed multiple times. Both Kate[10][11] and Vicky[12] believe that she will. Foxleap was a possible choice for this,[13] although he was killed in Dovewing's Silence.[14]
    • Kate has also said that Ivypool's mate should be "a nice reliable cat because [she] can wander off the straight and narrow from time to time but he would love her dearly."[15]
    • This is proven true, as she becomes mates with Fernsong.[16]
  • Ivypool will go to StarClan when she dies.[17]
  • Vicky has said that Hawkfrost and Ivypool did not ever love each other.[18]
  • Kate has revealed she'd like Ivypool to become leader.[19]


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