"You! When all cats have closed eyes, we gave the gift of sight to the cat who is blind. You see more than most, but look inside, too. See your own strength."

—Midnight to Jayfeather in The Last Hope, page 127


Highest Rank
Medicine Cat
Half Moon (unofficially)
No information
Leafpool, Brightheart (formerly)
Previous Name(s)
Jay's Wing, Jaykit, Jaypaw

Jayfeather is a mottled,[1] pale[2] gray tabby[3] tom[4] with blind,[5] pale[6] blue eyes like a jay's wing,[7] silky fur,[8] and a scar running down one side.[9]


Jaykit was born in ThunderClan. His mother was Leafpool and his father was Crowfeather, although he, like everyone else, believed that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw were his parents.

He had one sister named Hollykit, and one brother named Lionkit. One day Lionkit, Hollykit, and Jaykit, went out into the forest soon to be attacked by foxes, Jaykit was injured from the foxes attacking them soon making him go blind.


Jaypaw started to train as a warrior, but StarClan told him that it was his destiny to become a medicine cat. He didn't want to become a medicine cat. He knew the ThunderClan territory like he could see.

He discovered that he part of an important prophecy saying that he and two other cats will "Hold the power of the stars in their paws."

He soon discovered that he could feel other cats' emotions, and also walk in their dreams and memories. Jaypaw then traveled in the past to the tribe's time and met Half Moon. Jaypaw soon started to have feelings for her as he led the ancient tribe to the mountains. However, Jaypaw was soon brought back to normal Clan time. He soon became a full medicine cat. 

Medicine Cat

Jaypaw became a full medicine cat known as Jayfeather,

A couple moons later, Jayfeather discovered that Squirrelflight and Bramblestar were not his parents, but Leafpool and Crowfeather were, making him half-Clan.

Leafpool gave up her role on medicine cat, leaving Jayfeather as the only medicine cat. Jayfeather's sister, Hollyleaf, soon ran away and disappeared, leaving Jayfeather upset.

He soon realized that there had to be a third cat in the prophecy, but Hollyleaf was gone. He and Lionblaze suspected one of Whitewing's kits was the third cat, which was later found out to be Dovekit. Jayfeather once fought Breezepelt by the Moonpool to save a ThunderClan queen, Poppyfrost.

Jayfeather was the first to know about the prophecy by walking in Firestar's dreams. He was one of the three cats from the prophecy.

He also found out that Mothwing didn't believe in StarClan. During his second visit to the ancient tribe, Jayfeather taught the ancient tribe to be like the Tribe of Rushing Water. He soon refused to leave, saying that he wanted to stay with Half Moon, but he was still brought back to the Clans.

Jayfeather was then told of a prophecy saying that he and the Three had to find a fourth cat in order to save the clans from the Dark Forest. During The Last Hope, The Dark Forest grew stronger and were ready to attack the Clans, and StarClan had broken up.

Jayfeather reunited StarClan together, and found out that Firestar was the fourth cat. He and the rest of the clans fought The Dark Forest battle, winning. Firestar died, though. Jayfeather and the three had saved the Clans.


  • Jayfeather had the power to appear in other cats' dreams and read their emotions, thoughts, and memories,[10] but his power was revoked from him after his prophecy had been fulfilled.[11]
  • He was born blind due to genetic reasons.[12] This is also confirmed in Leafpool's Wish.[13][14]
  • Jayfeather was named after his eyes as the color of them are like a jay's wing.[7]
  • Leafpool named Jayfeather after his father, Crowfeather.[15] This is also confirmed in Leafpool's Wish.[7]
  • Jaykit describes Dustpelt as a dark tabby, despite not being able to see him.[16]
  • Jayfeather mentions that "every time he saw Leafpool, Squirrelflight, or Brambleclaw, he felt the prick of betrayal", despite being blind and not being able to see any of them, and Brambleclaw not knowing any of the lies about Jayfeather's birth prior to Hollyleaf revealing the secret.[17]
  • Jayfeather is the reincarnation of Jay's Wing.[18]
  • Stone Song refers to Jay's Wing as Jayfeather, despite not knowing Jayfeather's Clan name.[19]
  • The Three did not lose their powers after the events of The Last Hope.[20] However, this is contradicted by the fact the Three are seen without their powers in Bramblestar's Storm[21] and Dovewing's Silence.[22]
  • Vicky has confirmed that when Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing die, they will be their own selves, not the cats that they were reincarnated from.[23]
  • Kate doesn't think that Jayfeather will be blind in StarClan.[24]
  • It was heavily implied in The Confidential Notes #2: Unhappily Ever After? Ending the Doomed Romances that Jayfeather and Half Moon would walk together in StarClan.[25]
  • Jayfeather's eyes are shown without pupils in The Ultimate Guide.[26]
  • Kate stated that she loved the shipping of "Jay and Stick", and that she "adored her fans' sense of humour."[27]

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