""Three elders lost in a single season? I've had to watch my clan-mates starve to death because there were no fish to catch, nothing left in the lake but mud. And what about Rippletail? He was as brave as any of the other cats who went to find out where the water had gone- why didn't he deserve to come back? Did he go too far beyond the sight of StarClan?""

—Leopardstar about the drought in Mistystar's Omen, pages 2-3


Highest Rank
Starclan resident
Brightsky, Mudfur, foster mother is Shimmerpelt
Oatkit Waterkit and Carpkit
Previous Name(s)
Leopardkit, Leopardpaw, Leopardfur

Leopardstar is a dappled,[1] golden tabby she-cat[2] with unusual,[2] dark[3] golden spots,[2] and a long, winding tail.[4] She has thin, patchy fur,[5] and amber eyes.[6]


It talks about Leopardstar's kithood in Crookedstar's Promise. Her mother was Brightsky, who died, and she had three other littermates, but they all died. Mudfur named her Leopardkit after the great LeopardClan, hoping she would be strong and survive.

The Clan spoiled her because they felt bad for the motherless kit. As Crookedjaw commented, "The whole Clan dotes on her! Even Shimmerpelt is fiercely fond of her adopted kit."

Leopardstar was fostered by Shimmerpelt. As a kit, Leopardstar played with Skyheart, Blackkit, Loudkit, Reedkit, Sunkit, Frogkit, and Sedgekit.

She gained her apprentice and warrior name at the same time as them, though she was born later, because the cats had formed a strong bond, and as Shellheart argued, "Why split them up?"


In apprenticehood, she was known as a "Drypaw" because at first she disliked getting wet. Her mentor was Whitefang, and she trained with the kits she had spent her kithood with, as referenced above.


Her warrior name was Leopardfur. Her apprentice during her time as a warrior was Whiteclaw, which expains why she was so grievious to see him drown.

It would have been a tough time since Sedgecreek, Frogleap, Sunfish, Skyheart, and Reedtail must all have died during her time as a warrior.


Leopardfur was the RiverClan deputy after the old deputy's death, Oakheart. She first appears at a gathering talking to Tigerclaw, ThunderClan deputy.

She also lead the battle at the gorge in Fire and Ice were she and her RiverClan warriors attack Fireheart, Graystripe, Deadfoot and Onewhisker. But the RiverClan deputy was beaten by Fireheart and her former apprentice, Whiteclaw, slipped and died in the gorge before Graystripe had time to save him.

Leopardfur hated Graystripe from that day for 'killing Whiteclaw' and ended the battle. She later became the leader of RiverClan after Crookedstar's death.


Leopardstar was leader of RiverClan. She named Stonefur as the deputy. She was a fierce leader and attacked ThunderClan or WindClan often. She started to be visited by Tigerstar, the new leader of ShadowClan. She then had RiverClan join ShadowClan, combining them into TigerClan. Tigerstar stated all four leaders would rule TigerClan, but Leopardstar wasn't leader and had to answer to Tigerstar.

She did nothing to help her deputy Stonefur when Tigerstar had him fight for his life against Darkstripe and Blackfoot. She was very sad that he was killed, but was too proud to speak out against Tigerstar. After Tigerstar was killed by Scourge, the leader of BloodClan. she became the the sole leader of TigerClan.

She had lost hope and was now left with the broken cats Tigerstar had left behind. She joined Firestar and Tallstar along with Blackfoot in LionClan to fight BloodClan. She named Mistyfoot as her new deputy. She then allowed some stray cats to join her Clan. She mentored Hawkfrost one of the kits.


  • She and Mothwing are very similar in coloring.[3]
  • Leopardstar was in love with Tigerstar, which is why she agreed to join TigerClan.[7]
  • It is said that she once wanted to have kits, but never did.[3]
  • Leopardstar was born as what her Clanmates called a "drypaw", meaning she originally didn't like to get her paws wet.[8]
  • Leopardstar died from diabetes.[9]
  • Leopardstar is Kate's favorite Clan leader,[10] and she has said more than once that she would love to write about her.[11][12]
  • Leopardstar has kittypet ancestry.[13]
  • Leopardstar has a pure hatred for half-Clan cats.[14]
  • Despite making Stonefur[15] her deputy before Mistyfoot,[16] The Ultimate Guide states the opposite happened.[14]








Three unnamed kits

Foster Mother:


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