"Can you imagine what that feels like? To be rejected twice? To be a loner when all you tried to do was love? But don't worry, I made them pay. I looked for revenge whenever I could! Why do you think I'm here?"

—Mapleshade to Crookedstar in Crookedstar's Promise, page 480


Rogue, Loner (formerly), ThunderClan (formerly)
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Appledusk (formerly)
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Mapleshade is a thick-furred,[1] primarily ginger,[2] tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat[3]with a thick,[4] fluffy, white tail,[5] a white muzzle,[6] a scarred head,[7] and soft,[8] sleek,[9] ragged,[10] scarred, patched,[11] matted fur,[1] sharp, yellow teeth,[12] and amber eyes.[3]


Mapleshade was a bold and skillful warrior, and it was believed by some that she would be leader one day. However, she fell in love with a RiverClan tom named Appledusk, mated with him and had his kits. He told her that he loved her more than anything.


When the ThunderClan medicine cat deduced who the father of her kits was, ThunderClan cast Mapleshade and her kits out as traitors.

In desperation, Mapleshade swam to seek refuge in RiverClan. On the way, however, her kits fell into the river and drowned despite Mapleshade's efforts to save them. To her horror, Appledusk blamed her for the accident and wanted nothing more to do with her. RiverClan banished her as well. He took Reedshine for second mate, and she gave birth to Shellheart's mother, who then gave birth to Crookedstar.


Mapleshade thinks that she can avenge her kits by killing the cats responsible for their deaths. She goes on the half-moon to the Moonstone. She knows that Ravenwing, ThunderClan's medicine cat always goes there early. She murders him. She hears pawsteps and hides behind the Moonstone. Larkwing and Sloefur, WindClan's and ShadowClan's medicine cats find his body. They are shocked. They leave the place and bury him. While they are burying him Mapleshade runs away.

Later she sees another vision, this time one of the kits is gone. She figures out that she has to kill two others cats to avenge all her kits. She finds Frecklewish on a patrol with Seedpelt and Bloomheart. She kills a mouse and lures Frecklewish to Snakerocks. After that, Mapleshade pushes away the rock that blocked the entrance to a snake den where a snake is sleeping. The snake slithers out just as Frecklewish runs in front and bites Frecklewish on the eyes, blinding her. The ThunderClan she-cat begs for help, but Mapleshade refuses to help her and leaves.

Later she sees another vision, this time there is only one kit, Patchkit. She goes to RiverClan's territory and sees Perchpaw, Appledusk's apprentice, and uses him as bait. Appledusk comes and tells her to let go of the apprentice. Mapleshade doesn't. Then Reedshine appears, belly round with Appledusk's kits. Mapleshade tries to kill Reedshine, but Appledusk steps in the way and she ends up killing him. Outraged, Perchpaw attacks her and injures her very badly. Reedshine tells her that the memory of Appledusk will live in her kits. Mapleshade runs away, Perchpaw tries to chase after her but is stopped by Reedshine who tells him that she will die alone. She managed to drag herself back to the barn where Myler finds her, and she hisses at him to go away.

When she dies she finds herself in the Place Of No Stars, where instead of dread she feels happy because she thinks that the other Dark Forest cats also had her past. She hears the other Dark Forest cats' unhappy voices and she calls them cowards, and they tell her that her path in the Dark Forest will be for her to tread alone.   

Dark Forest Cat

Mapleshade first appears when Goosepaw has a vision of ThunderClan fighting kittypets. Goosepaw asks her who she is, but she doesn't tell him and only asks is she forgotten so soon.

Later after Goosefeather was saved from badger by Moonpaw and other warriors. Mapleshade purrs in his ear and tells him he was very lucky. Goosefeather asks who she is and again she doesn't tell him her name and says that she will be insulted that he doesn't know about her, she can hardly blame ThunderClan for forgetting about her. She also tells him that she knows everything about him and can help him. He asks her if she is going to show him another vision and she snorts why he is conerned about the future and that he needs to learn some fighting moves. He tells her that one of his Clanmates can teach him, but she says that he needs her help. When he snarled at her telling her to leave him alone, she unleashes her claws and springs at him. Goosefeather falls on the ground. Mapleshade tells him to get up and attack her. He springs at her, but she steps to the side and wraps one paw around one of his front legs, sending him sprawing to the ground and tells him that was too easy and he should pretend that she clawed out his mother's eyes. Goosefeather lunges at her with real fury. She tries to side step but fails. The medicine cat lands a satisfying blow to the back of her neck. She tells him that that was much better. She teaches him ground moves. Goosefeather thought about Moonpaw and how she blamed him that he can't fight and he let's his claws slide out as he raked Mapleshade's pelt. Mapleshade screeches. After they finish training Goosefeather thanks her. Mapleshade teases him by saying that he should not look for an excuse to practice those moves on Stormtail. Goosefeather asks how she knows about Stormtail and she tells him that she knows every cat in ThunderClan. When she leaves Goosefeather asks her whats her name and she replies without turning to him that her name is Mapleshade.

Later Mapleshade tries to make Crookedjaw be the best warrior in RiverClan, but instead of being the best warrior he loses all of his kin. Later, Crookedstar dies soon after Silverstream dies giving birth to Graystripe's kits.


  • Vicky doesn't think that Mapleshade was medically insane, but was driven mad by grief and feelings of betrayal, and that led to hallucinations that her dead kits were urging her to commit murder.[13]
  • There has been much confusion over Mapleshade's description. She is often described as ginger-and-white,[1] and once to have white patches,[14] as well as often described as tortoiseshell.[3] Vicky cleared this up, confirming that Mapleshade is indeed a tortoiseshell, and changing Patchkit's description slightly to match her.[15]
  • She is said to have broken the jaw of a pike in order to make Crookedjaw deputy,[16] although she had actually broken the jaw of a squirrel.[17]
  • Although listed as a RiverClan cat in The Ultimate Guide,[18] Mapleshade was never accepted into RiverClan,[19] and was rejected upon seeking refuge after the death of her kits and exile from ThunderClan.[20][19][21]




Appledusk (formerly)





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