"The tortoiseshell was fighting beside Honeyfern. Together, the sisters were driving a Dark Forest tom toward the fallen beech. Taking it in turns, they jabbed and swiped as though they'd been training together for moons."

— Dovewing watching Poppyfrost during the battle in The Last Hope, page 312


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Poppykit and Poppypaw

Poppyfrost is a dappled,[1] pale[2] tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat.[3]


Poppykit was born to Sorreltail and Brackenfur in ThunderClan during a badger attack. She was born with two sisters; Cinderkit and Honeykit, and one brother Molekit. While her mother was giving birth to her, a badger had attacked the Nursery, but Cinderpelt attacked it. Sadly, she died saving Poppykit and her siblings from the badger.


Poppypaw was made an apprentice along with her siblings. Her uncle Thornclaw was her mentor. Sadly, Poppypaw's brother, Molepaw, died of Greencough. A few moons later, Greencough spreads in the ThunderClan camp. Poppypaw, sadly, caught it and nearly died. She is seen in StarClan territory, but Jaypaw brought her back and she survives.


Poppypaw became a warrior along with her siblings, known as Poppyfrost. She devolps a crush on Berrynose but then realizes that they cannot be together because he is with her sister, Honeyfern. During Sunrise, Honeyfern is bitten by a snake and dies. Poppyfrost is saddened but then becomes mates with Berrynose and then becomes a queen.

Poppyfrost soon returns to her warrior duties when her kits become apprentices. Her mother, Sorreltail, gave birth to another litter of kits. Poppyfrost is currently a warrior of ThunderClan today.


While Poppyfrost is pregnant with Berrynose's kits, she stumbles up to the Moonpool, because she is unsure if Berrynose really loves her. While there, she gets attacked by Breezepelt and an unknown dark forest cat, Tigerstar, Honeyfern, Who comes down from StarClan, and Jayfeather successfully defended her.

Honeyfern says she is happy for the couple and that Berrynose does love her. Back at camp, Poppyfrost tells Berrynose and he is sad for a moment but then confirms that he loves her. She soon gave birth to his kits, Cherrykit and Molekit. After they became apprentices, Poppyfrost returned to being a wariror.


Mother: Sorreltail

Father: Brackenfur

Sisters: Cinderheart, Honeyfern, Lilyheart, Seedpaw

Brother: Molepaw

Mate: Berrynose

Kits: Molewhisker and Cherryfall

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