"But this is my first-born and I want to decide his future... Make him a hero, please. Like you!"

— Princess to Fireheart about Cloudkit in Fire and Ice, page 220

Princess and Smuge

Highest Rank
Rusty, unknown kits, half-siblings are Tiny, Ruby, Socks
No information
Cloudkit, unknown kits
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
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Princess is a fluffy,[1] light brown tabby she-cat[2] with green eyes,[3] a distinctive white chest and paws,[2] soft fur,[4] and a thick tail.[5]


She was born in a twoleg nest, along with Rusty and other kittens to Nutmeg and Jake. Not much is known about her kit life, except she was born to two kittypets with her brother, Rusty and other siblings whose names are unknown.


Princess has spent her whole life as a kittypet. Later she had five kits, giving the oldest to Fireheart to be raised in ThunderClan. Her kit is named Cloudkit, and later becomes Cloudtail. Firestar visits her sometimes.

Cloudtail usually follows. Princess never really understood the ways of the clan. Even though Firestar wanted Princess to leave her kittypet ways behind, he knew that she would much rather stay in Twolegplace.


  • Vicky revealed that Cody told Princess all about the Clans leaving the forest. She said that Princess was sad when she heard that she would never get to see Firestar and Cloudtail again, but that she understood why the Clans had to leave.[6]
  • Vicky says that if Princess were still alive at the end of Thunder and Shadow, she would be 127 moons old, or 10.7 years old.[7]


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