"More water will flow before we join StarClan. This is not an end. It is a beginning. You will need the courage of a lion to face this journey."

—Ravenpaw and Firestar before the Clans leave the forest in Dawn, page 257

Barley and Ravenpaw

ThunderClan, Loner (formerly), LionClan (formerly)
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Ravenpaw is a jet-black[1] tom with a tiny white dash on his chest,[2] a long[1] white-tipped tail,[2] a torn ear,[3] and amber/green eyes.[4]


Ravenpaw was born in ThunderClan. His mother was Robinwing and his father was Fuzzypelt. He was born with one litter-mate brother named Dustpaw. He and his brother became apprenticed with Graypaw and Sandpaw. Dustpelt liked being with Sandpaw than he did with his brother. Graypaw and Ravenpaw were often seen together. Ravenpaw's mentor was TigerclawFirepaw joined Ravenpaw and Graypaw and their mentors, Lionheart and Tigerclaw.

Just before Firepaw arrived at camp, Ravenpaw went on a patrol with his mentor Tigerclaw and the deputy Redtail. They were attacked at Sunningrocks by a RiverClan patrol lead by Oakheart. Tigerclaw told Ravenpaw to run and he did but he came back thinking the warriors might need him.

It was later revealed by Ravenpaw that Oakheart was killed by a falling rock and the RiverClan patrol ran back to their territory. Tigerclaw then attacked Redtail and killed him. Ravenpaw was hiding in the bushes and saw the whole thing. He then returned to ThunderClan camp and told everyone Redtail was dead but didn't say how he died. Tigerclaw then suspected Ravenpaw knew something and plotted to kill him.

Tigerclaw sent Ravenpaw to Snakerocks to hunt hoping he would be killed by a snake, but Ravenpaw returned with a dead snake in his mouth. He then travelled with Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Graypaw and Firepaw to Mothermouth where the Moonstone is located. He stayed outside with Graypaw. Tigerclaw later joined them. With his friends there, Tigerclaw left him alone.

On their way back they met with Barley, a farm cat. Then, rats attacked them and they were able to drive them off with the help of Barley. After returning, Spottedleaf was killed. Tigerclaw hinted that his apprentice was a ShadowClan spy and was a traitor working with Yellowfang. Tigerclaw was often seen talking to Darkstripe and Longtail, and glancing back at Ravenpaw.

When Firepaw and Graypaw asked about Redtail, Ravenpaw told them that he was killed by Tigerclaw. Then, when some kits were stolen by Clawface, a ShadowClan cat, Firepaw and Graypaw took him to Barley's farm. He lived there in peace without the worry of Tigerclaw hunting him down and killing him.


Ravenpaw lived with Barley from then on. The two became best friends. Ravenpaw kept appearing at ThunderClan to tell Fireheart what he saw. He saw a rogue and later he located Cloudpaw in a Twoleg nest. Ravenpaw later reappeared to help Firestar fight TigerClan.

Ravenpaw later lost his farm home to a group of rogues. He and Barley went to ThunderClan for help. Barley started to think Ravenpaw wanted to go back to ThunderClan. Ravenpaw helped Firestar fight off a group of rogues who were attacking ThunderClan cats in the forest. It turned out to be lead by Barley's brothers. After which, Firestar helped Ravenpaw and Barley get their home back.

In Ravenpaw's Farewell, he is seen going to SkyClan, where he dies. Leafstar agrees to hold a vigil for him. He also gave Brambleclaw one of his nine lives.


  • He still believes in StarClan, even though he is a loner.[5]
  • Vicky has said that Ravenpaw will never have a mate or kits.[6]
    • She later stated that she considers Ravenpaw and Barley to be a very committed couple.[7]
  • Ravenpaw and Barley would rather die than let BloodClan take over their barn, and they are safely in control of it.[6]
  • Cherith says that if she could have made Ravenpaw a warrior, she would name him Ravenwing.[8]
  • Since Ravenpaw believes in StarClan and the warrior code like the Clans do, it is very likely that Ravenpaw will join StarClan when he dies.[5] This is proven to be true, as he is seen giving Brambleclaw one of his nine lives.[9]


Mother: Robinwing

Father: Fuzzypelt

Brother: Dustpelt

Sisters: Brindleface, Frostfur

Half-brother: Longtail

Nieces: Ferncloud, Cinderpelt, Brightheart, Sandstorm

Nephews: Ashfur, Thornclaw, Brackenfur

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