Sign of the Moon
Sign of the Moon
Author Cherith Baldry
Illustrator Wayne McLoughlin
Publication date 5 April 2011
ISBN 0061555185
Publication Order
Preceded by
Night Whispers
Followed by
The Forgotten Warrior

Sign of the Moon is the fourth book of the Omen of the Stars series.

The Blurb

The dark forces that have driven a rift between the four warrior Clans are growing stronger. Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw now know that unless they can unravel the true meaning behind the prophecy that binds them, the warrior code could be destroyed forever. While Lionblaze remains focused on protecting ThunderClan from another deadly battle, Jayfeather receives a desperate plea for help from the Tribe of Rushing Water. He must travel to the mountains in search of answers that link the Clans to the Tribe in ways no cat could have imagined. But with the summons comes an ominous warning that suggests the power of the stars may not be enough to save the Clans.

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