"Loyalty is proved by what we do, not where we come from!"

—Sorreltail yowling about loyalty after Firestar's speech in The Sight, page 222


Highest Rank
Sandstorm, Dustpelt (temporarily)
Foxpaw (temporarily)
Previous Name(s)
Sorrelkit, Sorrelpaw

Sorreltail is a dappled,[1] light[2] tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes,[3] a soft tail,[4] and a white chest and paws.[5]


Sorrelkit was born in ThunderClan. Her mother was Willowpelt and her father was Whitestorm. Her brothers were Rainkit and Sootkit. Tigerclaw was deputy, but was soon exiled, and Fireheart was chosen as the replacement.

In The Darkest Hour, she follows Darkstripe, and he then tells her she did a good job with her tracking skills, and tricks her into eating deathberries. But Firestar and Graystripe catch him, and get Cinderpelt in time to save her. Darkstripe is also exiled from the Clan for trying to kill Sorrelkit.

When BloodClan gave a warning about attacking, she was taught fighting moves by Graystripe. But when they attacked ThunderClan, she sadly lost her father, Whitestorm. She became an apprentice shortly after.


When Sorrelpaw became an apprentice, her mentor was Sandstorm. A couple of moons after she became an apprentice, her mother, Willowpelt, was killed by a badger.

Sorrelpaw then was hit by a monster. Her shoulder was badly wounded but she managed to live. While she was stuck in Cinderpelt's den, her brothers became warriors.


Sorrelpaw finally became a warrior, known as Sorreltail. The Clan was proud that she became a warrior after her injury. She became friends with Leafpaw. When Leafpaw was trapped in the twoleg shed, she knew were she was since she went with her to find Cloudtail and Brightheart.

Leafpaw was captured and Sorreltail tried to help her but she couldn't. When the cats moved to the lake, she and Leafpaw found the Moonpool. Sorreltail then became Brackenfur's mate.


She moved to the nursery. When badgers attacked the camp, Sorreltail gave birth. She had three daughters, Honeykit, Poppykit and Cinderkit.

Cinderkit was named in honor of Cinderpelt, who died protecting Sorreltail. She also had one son, Molepaw, who died before became a warrior. Sorreltail's kits soon became apprentices and she went back to her warrior duties. She died because she refused to show her wounds to Leafpool, and she eventually died.


  • Sorreltail is based on Cherith Baldry's own cat, Sorrel.[6]


Mother: Willowpelt

Father: Whitestorm

Brothers: Rainwhisker and Sootfur

Mate: Brackenfur

Daughters: Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, Seedpaw, and Lilyheart

Son: Molepaw

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