"Fighting for our Clan is part of the warrior code. Whatever doubts we have, we must not doubt the warrior code. The forest and our Clanmates may change around us, but the warrior code remains the same."

—Sunfall to Bluepaw in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 149


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Previous Name(s)
Sunkit, Sunfall

Sunstar is a bright ginger tom[1] with long fur,[2] yellow eyes,[3] and a torn ear.[4]


After giving birth to one tom, Cloudberry urges Larksong to keep pushing, and she gives birth to a second son. The bundle is lying in the moss when Cloudberry pushes it towards Larksong, announcing it’s another tom. The tom-kit opens its jaws to let out a big wail, and Cloudberry comments he’s got a loud voice already. She urges the queen to clean her son up so he can feed. He soon joins his brother to suckle while the medicine cats watch in awe.

After receiving a vision of the first tom’s future, Goosefeather places his paw on the other tom-kit to receive another vision, and declares this kit will one day become a ThunderClan leader. Goosefeather wants to tell to Doestar as they are truly special kits, but Cloudberry insists for the kits to grow up normal without the burden of knowing their future. She then says to leave the kits alone and report to the Clan, calling the kits perfect little bundles.

Time passes, and Featherkit and Sunkit grow into strong little kits, taking any chance they can to nip Goosefeather’s tail when he isn’t watching or bite newly made nests with their teeth. Larksong shoos the kits out into camp as soon as their eyes open so the other queens could have some peace. The kit totter around on sturdy legs and their fur is fluffed again the cold. They pounce on an ivy tendril with ferocious speaks.

Goosefeather asks Cloudberry if she saw Sunkit jump as he is stronger than Featherkit already. Cloudberry warns him to be careful as she doesn’t want the kits to hear and says that he sees their future every time he looks at them. Goosefeather points out that Sunkit will one day become leader makes him special, causing Cloudberry to snap back.


Sunfall is seen with Pinestar, Adderfang, and Stormtail, when Stormkit and Oakkit are watching Shellheart's patrol confront the ThunderClan cats.


When Bluekit is awake, Sunfall asks if she wants to go outside. He then takes Bluekit out to explore the camp and takes her up to the ravine, though helping her a lot along the way. He becomes Bluepaw's mentor after Stonepelt, her previous mentor, becomes an elder early due to injuries that didn't heal properly from the battle with WindClan. Bluepaw is irritated by this change, but Poppydawn and Swiftbreeze tell her she should be proud to have the ThunderClan deputy as her mentor.

Sunfall becomes slightly irritated with Bluepaw after Moonflower dies, and tells her not to mope around, and to be a credit to her Clan. Sunfall says that he also misses Moonflower, surprising Bluepaw with the tone of sadness in his voice.

After the battle at Sunningrocks, Sunfall is seen congratulating Bluepaw and Snowpaw on successfully fighting off Crookedpaw, and mentions that Crookedpaw is big for an apprentice.

After Bluepaw has received her warrior name, Bluefur, Sunfall sends her and Snowfur to go leaf gathering with Featherwhisker, calling them his warrior escorts, so the medicine cat can safely gather the herbs he needs.

When they return, he asks them how they did on their first warrior assignments. Later, he goes on a patrol with Bluefur to Sunningrocks to check if RiverClan are invading again.


After Pinestar leaves for a new life as a kittypet, Sunfall becomes Sunstar, and appoints Tawnyspots as his deputy. When Snowfur, Bluefur's sister, dies from being run over by a Twoleg monster, Sunstar is very sympathetic to his former apprentice, but he chides her for not giving Snowfur's kit, Whitekit, more attention. He also tells her that he understands that she has lost a lot but needs to be strong for the Clan. When she finally does take over as a foster mother for Whitekit, he seems quite relieved and happy.

Not long after, Tawnyspots starts to become very ill, and Sunstar is pressured to choose a new deputy. He has two possible choices: Thistleclaw or Bluefur, and he chooses Bluefur after she gives her kits to Oakheart. Sunstar later reveals that he shared some of Bluefur's worries about Thistleclaw's violent nature, but was not as worried about it as Bluefur.

He also then tells Bluefur that he had only been given eight lives because Pinestar left with his ninth and became a kittypet, never surrendering his ninth life and leader position.

StarClan Resident

Sunstar was killed by a dog after being weakened by sickness and was unable to run away from it, and he gave Bluefur one of her nine lives, along with the gift of courage, saying that she would know how to use it.

Sunstar is seen when Jayfeather reunites StarClan. He hisses at Yellowfang, saying that she didn't have to be here if she was just going to cause trouble.


  • Kate has hinted that he may have had feelings for Moonflower.[5]
  • On Vicky's Facebook page, she revealed the parents of Sunstar and his brother to be Larksong and Flamenose.









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