The Blazing Star
The Blazing Star
Author Cherith Baldry
Illustrator Wayne McLoughlin
Publication date 4 November 2014
ISBN 9780062063588
Publication Order
Preceded by
The First Battle
Followed by
A Forest Divided

The Blazing Star is the fourth book of the Dawn of the Clans series.

The Blurb

In the aftermath of the first great battle, the grounds of the four trees have been stained with blood and every cat has lost denmates and kin. Now, guided by the spirits of the fallen, the cats from the mountains must figure out how to move on. Though each group has sworn to a truce, simply keeping the peace may not guarantee their survival. Having lost Turtle Tail and given up his role as leader to Thunder, Gray Wing is no longer sure where he belongs. Clear Sky is losing his grip on the forest cats to a dangerous one-eyed rogue. And worst of all, a mysterious, deadly disease threatens to strike deep into the heart of both camps—keeping tensions simmering close to the surface. Only one thing can save them: they must seek the Blazing Star. . .