"We are the closest Clan to StarClan, spiritually and physically, and we always know our warrior ancestors are watching over us. That is what makes us strong. No matter what trials we must endure, WindClan will last forever. "

— Tallstar on WindClan in Secrets of the Clans, page 27

WindClan Symbol

Windstar, Gorsestar, Duststar, Stonestar, Hazelstar, Featherstar, Dovestar, Fallowstar, Birchstar, Rabbitstar, Swiftstar, Heatherstar, Tallstar, Onestar and Harestar
Gorsefur, Stonetail, Mudpuddle, Pebblefur, Acorntail, Milkfur, Gorsefoot, Reedfeather, Deadfoot, Mudclaw, Onewhisker, Ashfoot, Harespring and Crowfeather
Medicine Cats
Current Leader
Current Deputy
Current Medicine Cat
Nightcloud, Gorsetail, Leaftail, Emberfoot, Breezepelt, Sedgewhisker, Slightfoot, Oatclaw, Featherpelt, Hootwhisker, Larkwing, Heathertail

WindClan, like the other three warrior clans, was formed in the old days when no Twolegs walked in the forest and the land belonged to the cats. WindClan was formed by fast-running cats who were excellent hunters of rabbits, squirrels, rats, and other fast moving prey.

These cats are loyal and very tough. They have been known to be easily offended. WindClan cats are fast, lean and very swift on their feet being that they have to hunt with no cover such as plants. They often have short, smooth pelts of browns, grays, and whites.


The first leader was a cat named Windstar. She was a noble leader and had many kits. She was the fastest and most stubborn cat in the forest. Her mate, Gorsestar, succeed her. He was a brave and devoted leader and looked well after his clan. Heatherstar succeeded him. She was a strong and proud leader and was leader of WindClan when Bluekit of ThunderClan was born.

She was succeed by Tallstar, who was leader when Rusty joined ThunderClan, and was the only leader of the four (Bluestar, Tallstar, Brokenstar, and Crookedstar) to be alive at the end of the first series. As he lay dying from old age, Tallstar changed his mind about Mudclaw, the deputy at the time of The Great Journey, who would have succeeded Tallstar, and gave his blessing to his loyal warrior, Onewhisker.

Mudclaw was furious and swore revenge, but thanks to StarClan, a tree fell from the Island and crushed him, which has now been used as the tree-bridge to the Island. Onestar later received his lives and assumed leadership of WindClan.


All the leaders, except for Windstar, have been deputies. Here are the ones who did not become leaders. Reedfeather was Heatherstar's deputy when Bluestar was born.

He died, leaving Talltail as the next deputy. Deadfoot was Tallstar's deputy, but he died in the battle against BloodClan. Mudclaw took his place, but he was succeeded by Onewhisker.

Medicine Cats

Mothflight was the first Medicine Cat of WindClan. Thrushpelt was a warrior before she became the next Medicine Cat. She took care of the Clan during a sick rabbit epidemic.

Hawkheart was medicine cat when Bluestar's story began. His apprentice, Barkface, succeed him, who was medicine cat when Firestar joined ThunderClan. His apprentice, Kestrelflight, succeeded him.

Current WindClan Members

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