Wind was a wild forest cat who helped form WindClan. Not much is known about here but her mate was Gorsestar.


One of the most long living, fair leaders in the history of all the Clans. He was known for his tendency not to fight, but never backed down when challenged. He had a long standing relationship with ThunderClan, after ShadowClan drove WindClan out of the Forest Territories. He was leader when the Great Journey took place, and at the end he died. Right before he died, he demoted Mudclaw from deputy and promoted Onewhisker, making Onewhisker the next leader.

When in StarClan, he watched Mudclaw and his supporters fight. Then, the newly named Onestar challenged him, angry over Mudclaw. After a long fight, Onestar won, and this showed that Tallstar had made the right choice.