"I wished you'd been my son, but I could not have born a cat like you. StarClan gave me Brokentail to teach me a lesson."

—Yellowfang to Fireheart in Rising Storm, page 282


ThunderClan, Loner (formerly), Rogue (formerly), ShadowClan (formerly)
Highest Rank
Medicine Cat
Raggedstar (formerly)
Sagewhisker, Deerleap
Previous Name(s)
Yellowkit, Yellowpaw

Yellowfang is a battle-scarred,[1] grizzled,[2] dark gray she-cat with a flat face,[3] a snub nose,[4] long,[1] ragged,[5] patchy,[6] thick,[7] matted fur,[8] torn, ragged ears,[1] blackened[9] yellow teeth,[10] and[11] bright orange eyes.[12]



Yellowkit was born to Brackenfoot and Brightflower. She and her littermates loved to play with the elders and Yellowkit was very upset when her grandmother, Silverflame, died. She was very close to her. She blamed Sagewhisker for not trying hard enough to save her. Littlebird takes Yellowkit for a walk after and explains that death is part of life.


Yellowpaw was apprenticed by Deerleap, a senior warrior. One day, Yellowpaw, Raggedpaw, Nutpaw, Rowanpaw, Foxpaw, Wolfpaw and Scorchpaw are hunting. Yellowpaw is put together with Foxpaw.

Yellowpaw scents a strange smell, and they decide to investigate. They soon find dove feathers and WindClan scent on the Thunderpath, and inform their mentors. Cedarstar decides to let Yellowpaw, Nutpaw, Rowanpaw, Scorchpaw and Raggedpaw fight.

After the battle, Raggedpaw is named Raggedpelt. Yellowpaw herself soon becomes a warrior.


Yellowfang and Raggedpelt soon begin to fall in love and become mates. Their love didn't last long though, because Yellowfang finds out about her power to feel the pain of other cats.

At first she thinks Sagewhisker is crazy, but after a badger attacks Raggedpelt, she believes the medicine cat and decides to become her apprentice. Raggedpelt is very upset.

Medicine Cat

Yellowfang and Raggedpelt soon fall in love again, and Yellowfang becomes pregnant. She goes into the former SkyClan territory to give birth. Sadly, one of her kits is stillborn and another is too weak and soon dies aswell. She names her only surviving kit Brokenkit, because of her feeling heartbroken.

Brokenkit's foster mother is Lizardstripe, who doesn't want kits. Many ShadowClan cats thought Foxheart was Brokenkit's mother, and then felt definite when Raggedstar made her deputy.

Foxheart soon dies during a raid at the carrion place and Cloudpelt is named deputy. Cloudpelt is soon killed in a set-up by Brokentail to become deputy. Brokentail soon becomes deputy, and kills his father in the WindClan tunnel.

The elders are then forced to live outside camp, and many kits are made apprentices too early. Most of them die. Brightflower soon has new kits, Marigoldkit and Mintkit.

They both leave camp and are killed by a fox. The kit's dead bodies are found by Yellowfang. She is then accused of killing her siblings and is banished from the clan.


She is found in the dark part of the forest between ShadowClan and ThunderClan border. She lays there hungry. Firepaw comes and talks with her, but Yellowfang taunts him by calling him a kittypet. Firepaw flinches and Yellowfang laughs and asks if Bluestar is recruiting kittypets now.

The two got in a fight but in her weakened state he managed to defeat her. Firepaw took mercy on her and brought her a rabbit to eat.



When they were discovered by the leader, Bluestar, she took Yellowfang back to her Clan and punished Firepaw for breaking the Warrior Code by making him care for Yellowfang.

With his help she soon recoved and the two became friends. At the time, Spottedleaf was the Medicine Cat, but she was soon killed by Clawface. Then three kits were stolen and taken to ShadowClan. Yellowfang, Graypaw and Firepaw went to recover the kits.

Yellowfang gathered some old friends in ShadowClan and along with a ThunderClan patrol, they drove out Brokenstar and his followers.

Medicine Cat

After this, Yellowfang was accepted into ThunderClan, and her apprentice, Runningnose, had taken her place in ShadowClan.

Yellowfang then took on an apprentice named Cinderpaw after the gray she-cat was hit by a monster. Cinderpaw was named Cinderpelt after she became Yellowfang's apprentice. Fireheart often went to Yellowfang for advice and she noticed the young tom's interest in Sandstorm, even before he realized it.

After an attack on ThunderClan's camp by rogues, Brokentail was taken prisoner. Yellowfang took care of him, knowing he was blind and would need help, and also because he was her kit. Being a Medicine Cat she did not discriminate against him nor any other cat.

Yellowfang was often seen on site after a battle with one of the many Clans. Yellowfang was not around when Silverstream gave birth to her two kits, leaving her apprentice Cinderpelt to take care of the matter. Sadly, Silverstream died and Cinderpelt took this personally.

Yellowfang told her not every cat can be saved and sometimes a Medicine Cat can't save someone. Her kind words of wisdom however fell on deaf ears and Cinderpelt started to second guess herself. Brokentail's followers then attacked the ThunderClan camp with Tigerclaw.

The rogues were driven out along with Tigerclaw whom had been plotting with the rogues. Brokentail was taken to Yellowfang's den. There she feed him deathberries which killed him. Before he died, she told him she was his real mother, but he didn't believe her.

Fireheart had witnessed this act, but did nothing, and never told anyone. Not long after, the forest caught fire after a storm. During a fire in ThunderClan, Yellowfang tried to save Halftail, an elder, but was trapped by a burning tree.

While ThunderClan was sheltered by RiverClan, Yellowfang tried to heal Patchpelt, but failed. She took shelter in her den but had breathed in too much smoke.

The next day Firestar and Graystripe returned looking for her and the two missing elders. Both Halftail and Patchpelt had died, but Yellowfang was still alive in her den. Fireheart stayed with her while Graystripe went to go get help.

However, Yellowfang knew her time was soon over and she started to confess her secrets and worries to Fireheart. She revealed that Brokentail was her son, but Fireheart already knew, and said nothing of his knowing.

She worried that StarClan would not accept her because she had broken the rules, that Medicine Cats were not allowed to have kits, and she had killed her own son. Fireheart assured her she would be welcome into StarClan. Soon, Yellowfang passed away from the world of the living and followed Raggedstar into StarClan.


Yellowfang died in a fire that caused ThunderClan to flee across the border to RiverClan. Yellowfang reappeared as one of the cats who gave Firestar one of his nine lives. She gave him the Life of Compasion, so he would care for all cats, whether warrior or rogue.

She often appears, during the three, and interfers with Jayfeather's mediling and while he is watching of the dreams of other cats, much to his annoyance. She later appears during The Last Hope to fight and mourn. In the Great Battle, she once again appeared and killed Brokenstar before he could attack Firestar.














Three Unnamed Kits


Raggedstar (formerly)







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